What You Should Know About Osteopathic Medicine

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If you are suffering from pain or frequent injuries of your body, you might be looking for a doctor that can help you control the pain. One idea is to visit an osteopathic doctor, who is someone that uses drug-free methods for reducing your pain and treating your condition. Here is more information about osteopathic medicine. Many Physical Conditions Can be Treated  Osteopathy will treat a wide range of physical conditions and ailments. It is great when you have physical pain as a way to relieve that pain without drugs, including heel or foot pain, sciatica pain, and other types of back pain. If you have joint pain from arthritis, conditions like fibromyalgia, or repetitive strain injury, it can help with that too. You might also have conditions not necessarily related to pain, such as digestive issues or asthma, which may also be treated by an osteopathic doctor. An Osteopathic Doctor is a Medical Doctor A common misconception people make about Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) is that they only practice in alternative medicine and are not actual doctors. This is actually a medical doctor and one that went to medical school. They have the same schooling and experience as any other doctor, but instead specialize in drug-free treatments. They can provide you with comprehensive care just as your family practice physician does, but they prefer treatments that are more natural and heal your body instead of just covering up your symptoms. There Are a Variety of Benefits to Choosing Osteopathy Osteopathic medicine can be used alone as treatment for your conditions, or in conjunction with regular medical treatment. The main benefit is that it gives you the opportunity to get treated from a medical doctor, but without using drugs that simply cover up your pain and discomfort. Similar to chiropractic treatments, osteopathic medicine also helps to encourage body to learn how to heal itself. In the future, this can help manage chronic pain and even prevent pain and injuries of the same type. With osteopathic medicine, you can get help with insomnia without having to take sleeping pills. This can be extremely beneficial for people who have to take a lot of hard medications just to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you are having trouble with chronic pain or other physical conditions, ask your doctor for a referral to an osteopathic doctor. They can also help you with your general wellness...

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Understand Massage Therapy For Some Common Ailments

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Remedial massage is an example of alternative medicine with significant benefits on health and overall wellbeing. Different massage therapies resolve different types of health issues, challenges, and ailments. Understanding what some of these massage techniques involve and the common ailments they treat will help you know the type you can benefit from most. However, consult a specialist and get the best advice for your specific needs. Below are common health issues, and the recommended massage therapy for each. Muscle Injury Muscle injury can result from many things including a sprain, muscle tension, extreme workouts, and body imbalance. Often, this injury is associated with chronic pain and inflexibility, especially at the affected area. Well, you don’t have to worry if taking painkillers has become your temporary solution. Deep tissue massage is a therapy that has been proven to have long-term benefits for muscle injury problems. Deep tissue massage involves the use of slow compression and friction movements that stretch the fibers of your muscles. This technique helps remove toxins from muscles, allow good oxygen and blood circulation in the muscles, and release muscular tension and congestion. Stress Aromatherapy often accompanies massage therapy for stress, and involves the use of essential oils with curative components. Stress can result from an uncountable number of issues such as health problems, having bad relationships, burnout, and financial woes. Common signs of stress include extreme irritability, lack of sleep, chronic headaches, and excessive fatigue among others. If you are stressed, aromatherapy is a good remedy for you because it treats mood disorders, boosts energy levels, eliminates headaches, reduces anxiety, and speeds up the healing process among other key benefits. Old Age Challenges Geriatric massage is a special type of massage therapy specifically meant for the elderly. This type of massage is good for you at old age because it addresses most problems experienced by the elderly such as arthritis pain, joint immobility, body imbalance, and poor circulation. Geriatric massage involves the use of light and gentle massage movements and techniques. Essential oils are also used to reduce friction and tension. Besides helping to alleviate old age challenges, this massage boosts overall health, provides comfort, and relieves anxiety. Pregnancy Stressors Discomfort, tension, fatigue, and muscle pains are common challenges people experience when pregnant.  Pregnancy massage is a special remedial massage for pregnant women. The massage addresses stressors during pregnancy without causing any harm to your unborn child. Pregnancy massage will reduce common backaches, headaches, muscle stiffness, and leg cramps experienced during pregnancy. Also, you don’t have to worry about the position you will be in because a qualified therapist will sure offer you a guideline on how to go about it. Basically, the massage is done when you are in a side lying position, with ideal, supportive cushions placed strategically to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Remedial massage therapies are good alternative medicine treatments that have long-term benefits and boost overall...

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4 Physiotherapy Treatments That Can Support Those With Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Patients with rheumatoid arthritis often have to rely heavily on prescription medication to ease inflammation and pain. However, patients are increasingly seeking drug-free ways to manage their symptoms in a bid to avoid the side effects of their medication. Physiotherapy can be used alone or in combination with medication to help you manage symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis such as stiffness and muscle pain. Here’s an overview of four physiotherapy treatments that can be useful to those with rheumatoid arthritis: 4 Physiotherapy Treatments For Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis The following treatments may be recommended by your physiotherapist as part of your overall treatment plan: Manual Manipulation – This is a hands-on treatment that involves the physiotherapist using a range of thrusting and stretching techniques to loosen stiff joints and muscles. It shouldn’t be painful and you should feel you can move a little freer after a manual manipulation session. Conditioning Exercises – Your physiotherapist will show you how to do some gentle conditioning exercises that won’t make your existing joint inflammation worse. Conditioning exercises that stretch and strengthen your muscles can improve movement and joint stability. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – Your physiotherapist can supply you with and show you how to use a small transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine. The machine uses electrical pulses to temporarily block pain in the targeted treatment area. You simply place small pads that are connected to the machine on the area of your body you want to treat and turn the machine on. TENS treatment is ideal when you have a busy day to get through, and it can also be used to allow you to complete gentle exercises more comfortably. Deep Tissue Massage – When your joints stiffen and cause your muscles to tighten, you can be left with reduced flexibility and painful trapped nerves. Deep tissue massage can release trapped nerves and increase your range of movement. Your physiotherapist can massage trouble zones during your consultations, and if you want to get a massage between appointments, ask them to recommend a suitable massage therapist, as you’ll want someone with experience of working with patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Your physiotherapist will assess the impact of rheumatoid arthritis on your overall health and work with you to determine treatment goals such as improving flexibility or retaining your current level of mobility. They may also offer low-impact group exercise sessions designed for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which can give you the opportunity to connect with other people living with the condition.  If you’d like to find out more about how physiotherapy can help with RA or any other symptoms you may be experiencing, reach out to a local physiotherapy office, like Pro-Fit Physio & Allied Health...

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How Kinesiology Can Help You Conceive

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If you’re struggling to get pregnant, you may be feeling desperate and emotionally exhausted. Alternative therapies are becoming a popular choice for those suffering with fertility problems to help relieve stress and increase the chances of conception. Kinesiology is one of these therapies, but how can it help?   What is kinesiology? Kinesiology is an alternative therapy which uses muscle monitoring to correct hormonal imbalances in the body. This makes the body stronger and healthier. The treatment dates back to Ancient China and is connected to acupuncture. During treatment, your kinesiologist may use any of the following techniques: Acupressure – this is similar to acupuncture but pressure is applied to specific areas rather than needles being inserted. Massages – paying particular attention to pressure points. They will also be able to give you nutritional advice to help boost your moods and health. Please remember that kinesiology is a complementary therapy and so should be used alongside medical treatment rather than instead of it. Speak to your doctor to rule out simple problems before considering kinesiology.   How can it boost your fertility? Ovulation, conception and developing an environment in your body for a foetus to grow are complicated procedures governed by a variety of hormones. If those hormones are out just by a little, the whole process can be messed up, resulting in month after month of negative pregnancy tests. The hormones required for successful conception include: Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This is released from the pituitary gland in the brain and tells the ovaries to grow follicles. Inside these follicles are eggs, one of which will mature each month and burst from the follicle during ovulation. This hormone also thickens the uterine wall to allow a fertilised egg to attach and grow. Luteinising hormone (LH). Also released by the pituitary gland, this hormone works with FSH and tells the follicle to burst, springing the mature egg forward ready to be fertilised. Oestrogen. This hormone rises at the beginning of your cycle and tells your pituitary gland when to release the LH and start ovulation. If your body isn’t producing enough oestrogen, then you may not ovulate. Progesterone. This hormone is required to allow the fertilised egg to start growing. It is when the levels of progesterone drops that your period starts. If you are lacking in progesterone, your body will be unable to support the baby. In some particularly sensitive people, the stress hormones, cortisol and epinephrine, can override and imbalance these fertility hormones by telling your brain that it isn’t safe to get pregnant. This can result in a failure to ovulation, releasing immature eggs or creating an inhospitable environment for a baby to grow.   As kinesiology works on restoring your emotional and physical wellbeing, including relaxation techniques, it can allow your body to naturally correct the level of hormones. This creates a good environment in your body for growing a baby and will help you to conceive. For more information, contact a business such as Ayira Pty...

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